Excellence Bangladesh is a skill development platform. We are working for three years with the university-level students of Bangladesh. More than thousands of students from about 74 universities are directly working with us. Our goal is to build a strong connection between countries’ corporate platforms and university-level students so that they can get a proper impression regarding countries’ job sectors. We believe that it will reduce the unemployment problem and lack of skilled students one day. Besides we are also a corporate branding and Public relations services provider by Excellence Bangladesh Digital. 

We have arranged more than three hundred physical and online career guidelines and skill development-related seminars for the students in the last 3 years. Our last signature program was “Campus Club Summit-2020” in association with The Daily Star. Around 250 university clubs including debate club, pharma club, skill development club, career club have participated in this particular event. 

Our plan is to make a skilled generation within 2025.